Comparison between Laser Hair Growth Online products and others in the market

We, at Hair Growth Laser understand the importance of your hard earned money and therefore provide you with all the comparisons right here, straight into your hands so you can see for yourself how this product is superior to any of its counterparts in the market.

Technology used:

There is a magic combination used by all the products using the laser technology for making hair regrowth products. This is because this combination has been proven to work the best and cause no harm in the process. The same magic combination is also used to build all the products in the Hair Growth Laser. This combination is

Power 5-10 mill watts
Wavelength 650 nanometers


Now that you know that the technology used in our products is at par with the rest in the market, you will need to understand how using this is much easier than any of the others out there.

Some of the main issues when using laser treatment at home are:

  • The instruments are difficult to handle and understand.
  • Using laser brushes or similar equipments takes a toll on your arms.
  • Multi-tasking while using these equipments is out of question.

We understand the importance of your time and energy. Therefore we have solved all of these hassles and created a product that provides a solution for each of these issues.

The Hair Growth Lasers:

1. Are easy to understand and operate. Just sit on the chair and turn in on . It’s as simple as that.

2. Since the machine does all the work, your arms are free to move around.

3. Work while you get salon quality treatment. Since you practically have to do nothing to make this work, you can do all your work on your laptop, cell phone, or maybe even use the time to relax and browse through a magazine or watch television spending some quality time with you and your family.

How well does it work?

Alright, you now know the technology and the most user friendly equipment. But what is the point of all this if it doesn’t do its job properly. We totally get that, so let’s review how the equipment works when compared to others.


One of the main problems with the laser hair treatment equipments is their coverage of the thinning areas. While the brushes manage to cover all the areas, but this depends on your arm and its dexterity and thoroughness. With Hair Growth Laser, that issue is completely laid to rest. Not only does it give 100% coverage to all the thinning areas at all the times that you use it, you get the power of 50 lasers at any given time with no hot-spots or gaps. Every laser covers several square inches and as there are so many of them, all the areas are not only covered but they are covered several times over

The Price Factor:

Last but in most cases the most significant deciding factor is the cost. If you are tired of spending thousands of dollars into expensive treatments in hair salons which don’t fulfill your expectations, if you have given up on use at home equipments scared by the mere energy and time it takes to make it happen, here is your ultimate solution. Let’s talk money and see where our equipment stands to make things a little more transparent.

Option Hands Free
# of 650 NM Lasers
Leading laser comb: No
Uses 1 laser beam which is split to 9
  Hair Rejuvenator No
Uses 9 laser beams
  Professional laser salons Yes
Use 40 or more laser beams
$3,000 – $6,000
  Hair Growth Laser Yes
Uses 50 laser beams
only $695

We all know more lasers equals faster results and lower cost equals happier satisfied you. So what are you waiting for?

Cost Effectiveness:

There are so many hair growth products out there and you are not a stranger to trying different varieties and failing at them. If you have given up on this whole hair regrowth completely, then it is time you check for yourself one last time the amazing results this new Hair Growth Laser provides at such reasonable costs. It’s time to make one more small and effective investment and never visit the hair growth products isle ever again. Let’s check the cost effectiveness of Hair Growth Laser when compared to all other products. The following estimates are for one year.

Option Monthly $ Total
  Hair Vitamins
  Scalp Med
  Maintence laser salon treatments

Now that you are convinced there is nothing better than Hair Growth Laser in the market, stop scratching your scalp that is slowing walking towards the bald city, and make this important change for a brighter, beautiful and of course hair filled tomorrow.