Frequently Asked Questions about Hair Growth Lasers

Here are some of the best answers to some common questions you might have about the Hair Growth Laser, so you never have a moment of doubt about the equipment you use.
1. Who all are eligible to use the Hair Growth Lasers?

No matter what your age, whether you are 20 or 70 dealing with the embarrassment and troubles of hair thinning and loss, the Hair Growth Laser is there for you.

2. Will the lasers harm me?

The lasers used in Hair Growth Lasers and very low powered, much lower than any of the gadgets you may use in your day to day activities. So there is absolutely no harm in using it. Besides, since the amount of lasers is so less, there is no fear of heat or any other damage caused by it on you or anyone else using the equipment.

3. How do I use it?

Congratulations on your purchase of highly worthy equipment. The way to use is very simple. You just need to use it for 15-20 minutes three times a week with at least a day in between the treatment days. Although during the first year of using this, you will see the maximum changes, the maintenance treatments one to times a week must be continued.

4. Which one is better- Hairmax or Hair Growth Laser?

The Hair Growth Laser is much more powerful than Hairmax. In Hairmax, just one laser is used and is reflected using a mirror to split into many more. But in Hair Growth Laser, 50 lasers are used at a time thus making it much more powerful in comparison.

5. Hairmax recommends 20 minutes three times a week while Hair Growth Laser recommends every other day. Does this mean Hairmax is better?

Hair Growth Laser is much faster and using it every other day will only provide you with faster results with no harm during the process, which is the ultimate goal. So Hair Growth Laser is definitely the way to go.

6. Can you give me the specifications on Hair Growth Laser?

Hair Growth Laser uses red laser light of 650 nanometers and each laser is 5 mw in power.

7. Will the results be any faster if I use Hair Growth Laser every day after the initial two week period?

Using the laser every day is not recommended and should definitely be avoided. The Hair Growth Laser works by stimulating the follicles by increasing the blood flow to the areas. The follicles stop responding after a while if they are treated with laser every day. Therefore a day gap between treatments should be followed.

8. When will I see the results?

Notable hair growth is seen as soon as four to six months after using Hair Growth Lasers.

9. What are the changes that I will see while using the product?

Month One: Every hair follows a growth cycle of 4 stages. This is when the hair follicle is still active and functioning. The last of these stages is falling off of the hair. So during the first month, if your hair is falling off, despite the alarming scene, this is in fact a good sign. This only means the hair follicles are very much active, they are just getting rid of thin unhealthy hair to replace them with new gorgeous ones. So sit tight and be patient.

Month Two: Although there will be some shedding in this stage too, by the middle of this month the magic of new hair starting to emerge out of your scalp will finally unfold in front of your eyes.

Month three: By this time, most of the shedding season, and now is the time to watch the thicker stronger hair which will grow only better with each passing day

Month four: By this time not only will you see significant amount of new hair, but they will be thicker, shinier and stronger than ever

Months five and later: The days only get better from here on. You have managed to turn your hair’s personality a complete 360 degrees. And that too, sitting at home, at your own time and pace, and without spending anything extra than it actually deserves. Congratulations on a beautiful tomorrow.

10. When would be a good time to start laser treatment

The best time to start treatment using lasers is when you notice the first signs of thinning. This is because as the follicles go through stages of hair loss, most of them eventually die and beyond a point, the damage becomes irreversible no matter what products you use and how much money you spend.

11. Do you use LEDs in your product?

As mentioned in question 6, Hair Growth Laser uses red laser light which is not LED because LEDs have not been shown to stimulate hair regrowth

12. How come this product is so cheap? Does that mean it doesn’t work as well as others?

The price of the product is fixed to make it affordable to each and every one suffering from baldness. If you read through the technology used in making the product and the specifications, it is at par and mostly even better than any other such products in the market. The fact that you buy directly from the manufacturer is also responsible for lowering the price.

13. What is the warranty period on Hair Growth Laser?

The Hair Growth Laser comes with a total warranty of one year after which any damages are fixed at a very nominal price. All you have to do is send it back to us and we will fix it for you

14. I want to know about the 100% money back guarantee?

Within four months of the date of purchase, if for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, just send it back to us, we will refund the entire amount except the shipping costs.