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Hair Loss Clinic USA Offers Hair Growth Laser Products for Commercial Use

If you are a hair salon or spa owner, there is no one better in this world who understands the hair needs of your clients and is eager to serve them with the best possible service available in the market at prices which keeps the clientele always wanting to come back to you. Hair Loss Clinic USA probably know all about the various hair treatments, the oils, shampoos, serums, conditioners which can get one salon perfect hair, and every other equipment that is available in the market to enhance every quality of hair, like length, texture, strength and looks. Let us now introduce you to the latest innovation used in hair care, the Laser technology. These low powered lasers are the future of hair care and finally have the FDA’s approval as per the safety and their effectiveness.

In January of 2007, FDA cleared the very first product that could successfully regrow hair thus revolutionising baldness treatments forever. The first device to come out with flying colors as far as growing hair is concerned was HairMax LaserComb. The reports from the study which was conducted to get this device approved stated:

1. The device was effective on 93% of male subjects of any ages ranging between 30 and 60 years.

2. The device effectively grew an average of 19 hair per cm.

3. The results of this study were gathered in a time period of 6 months.

However one problem with the HairMax LaserComb is that it is a medical device and is not approved to be used in salons and spas. If you think that was a huge blow to your expectations then hold on tight to your seats, because there finally is a device that can be used anywhere including salons and spas and can be set up at highly affordable prices


The Hair Growth Laser 50 offers totally professional equipments which can be used in places like medical spas, Hair Loss Clinic USA, salons and day spas, physician’s offices, and barber shops. This sleek equipment hardly takes up any space and requires a minimum investment to begin with and offers rewards for a very long time in the future. The affordable pricing on this not only helps the salon owners to get it easily into their work stations but also get the investment back in as less as 6 months even if you have even one client using it.

Beautiful hair is something that will never go out of fashion. Anyone who works in the hair business knows this. Ask someone who has recently lost hair and you will know how much importance hair is to a happy and confident living. With growing awareness about the various products and internet slowing shrinking the world, people everywhere are learning and appreciating the great benefits of low power lasers in regrowing hair and restoring the original beauty. This is the innovation which will be one of the contributors of a successful tomorrow and today, this moment is the best time ever to invest in it.

Some of the qualities of this equipment which make it the best are:

1. There is no other equipment in the market today that is as easy to use as this. It is pretty much like putting the client under a dryer. All you have to do is get the client to comfortably sit on a chair, lower the hood and switch it on. After around 20 minutes which doesn’t require any supervision, switch it off, lift the hood up, get the client and reschedule the next appointment. It doesn’t get any simpler. The Return On Investment (ROI) is amazing considering such affordable initial investment it requires and the number of clients a single equipment can treat. In a short period of four to six months the changes are perfectly noticeable. Thin split and damaged hair are replaced by shiny, beautiful ones which will only make the client happy and keep them coming back to you and maybe even recommend your salon to their friends. Once the equipment is bought, it requires no overhead costs, no installation fees, no extra investment on staff, after it it is just pushing a button. Imagine the difference this single equipment will bring into your earnings. In a short while rewards will be enormous both in terms of money and client satisfaction.

2. More people are learning about this. With the FDA approval of the technology behind this device, more and more people are not only interested in using this device but also trust it to not to cause any harm. Most of the times, clients have so many questions and rather doubts regarding safety of the products that you use. In case of this machine, all you have to do is refer them to the FDA study and approval and they will be assured that it is safe and effective. With the increasing levels of stress, lifestyle changes, and pollution and toxins flying around, lots of people are dealing with damaged hair and progressing towards baldness. The first place they come looking for answers is your salon. Think about how your reputation will reach the sky if you are the one who introduces them to the cutting-edge technology and gets them the benefits at affordable prices and your salon.

3. With this equipment at your salon or spa, not only will be among the very few who provide this kind of treatment, but also the one who gets the job done at such low prices and such amazing results. Going to a salon is like going to a dentist. Once you get results from one, you never change and go to a different one throughout your lifetime. Having an equipment that gives such extraordinary results in such a short period of time will make your clients your absolute fans and no matter how many salons or spas own this later, you will forever be known as the one who introduced it to them. So you will always be the one they will trust and turn to before anyone else.

4. You already have the necessary education, training, and experience when it comes to taking care of hair. Nobody knows or does it better then you. With this latest technology at your disposal, you will be the best in the field, and whenever it is the question of beauty, every client always wants the best.

5. If you are looking for something to quickly grow your business this is your best option. Some of the advantages over any other devices for hair treatment are:

    • Very minimal investment and high returns for a long period.
    • This equipment requires no plumbing or wiring. You don’t have to break any walls or damage any ceilings. All you have to do it have a power outlet. That set, and you are good to go.
    • It does not require any specially qualified or extra staff. After all it is just about pushing the button. Anyone learn that and do it with no effort at all.
    • Using the equipment is a cake walk
    • The supplements that you sell along with this service will guarantee returns for a long time into the future.
    • It is the latest technology in the market and thus owning it would already make you look better than others.
    • Single equipment works on at least 50 clients in a month and the technology and its usage will always be there in the future.
    • Typically this treatment includes twenty minutes laser sessions twice a week and clients pay anywhere from $200-$300 per month on other kinds of hair treatments. So this will only add to your existing profits and grow your client base at the same time.
    • i The other equipments using similar technology are laser combs which though could be used at home require precision and dexterity to achieve results. Time is the factor that decides everything now a days and therefore people don’t have time to spend on this kind of treatment. They will turn to you and you will then be ready with the best.

6. Some other valuable services which you can provide using Laser Hair Therapy and earn some extra bucks are:

    • Treatment for chemically damaged hair: 10-20 treatments with $40-75 per treatment.
    • Permanent curling: Single appointment with $25.
    • Volumising the already existing hair: 24-48 treatments with $30 per treatment.
    • Repairing split ends: 6-12 treatments with $25-50 per treatment.
    • Long lasting hair extensions: $25
    • Increasing porosity for maximizing color absorption: $25
    • Putting an end to hair loss: 12-24 treatments with $30 per treatment.

Whether you own a tiny salon in a small town, or a thriving business in a huge metropolitan city, adding this equipment into your salon will reap rewards that will only grow bigger in days to come. Now is the perfect time to invest on this exceptional machine and make a name for yourself. The information provided by Hair Loss Clinic USA.

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