Hair Growth Laser Treatment

Hair Growth Laser Treatment

Hair loss or baldness is the loss of hair from scalp due to certain infections, traumatic damage or as the result of radiotherapy which can occur in men, women and children. Whatever may be the cause, loss of hair creates great stress in us as we consider hair to be the integral part of our beauty. Plenty medical treatments out there to help you fight balding, among which Laser hair loss treatment or laser hair growth therapy is considered to be very much successful.

Hair laser growth therapy:

Laser light is the intense beam of coherent monochromatic light. This light is extremely helpful in treating various problems related to our hair. Low level laser light therapy is very effective in treating loss of hair. The energy of the laser light is actually used to stimulate the growth of hair. As the basic medium of the therapy is light, it is also known as phototherapy. The light with specific wavelength from the laser device (the device that is capable of emitting laser beams) creates some effects in our body when it is applied for required length of time. The energy level of the targeted tissue molecules increase and they tend to show changes. The change in the tissue molecules of the hair are controlled in such a way that they result in proper growth of the hair. Presently various instruments are available over the counter that helps you to undergo the laser therapy at your home.

Hair growth laser treatment:

When someone suffers from excessive loss of hair, the very first thing that becomes necessary is to treat the basic cause. As said earlier, loss of hair can take place because of infections in the scalp, certain traumatic damage or due to radiotherapy. Whatever may be the cause, laser treatment is perhaps the perfect solution for hair loss. This is simply because the basic target of the Hair Growth Laser Treatment is to increase the energy level of the hair cells and thus stimulating the growth

Female hair growth treatment:

1/3rd of women suffer from hair loss during any phase of their lives. Loss of hair is more like a curse in women as hair is the basic parameter of beauty for ladies. Certain medical conditions, medications as well as physical or emotional stress can trigger the loss of hair. As soon as the unexpected baldness is noticed, it is important to consult a dermatologist so that the proper Female Hair Growth Treatment can begin in time.

In most of the cases, hair loss in women is treated with medicines. Minoxidil is a drug often used to stimulate hair growth and to slow hair loss on your scalp. This particular drug was actually for the treatment of high blood pressure, but people who took this found that they have started growing hair in those places where they had lost them. The drugs that block the androgen receptor are also used to treat loss of hair in women. Iron deficiency is the cause of hair loss in many women and thus iron supplements are also used to treat the problem.


Laser Hair Regrowth :

Re growth of hair is nothing but the regeneration of hair in the places where the growth has ceased to occur naturally. In most of the cases, Laser Hair Regrowth therapy is used to increase the energy level of the molecules of the hair tissue. The internal parts of the hair tissues that makes the hair to grow might become inactive due to certain reasons and the beams of laser light brings them back to action. The final result is nothing but re growth of the hair.

Hair Loss Laser Therapy is the most cutting edge technology for hair care available in the market today. It’s quick, it’s safe and it’s effective. Learn about it and change your hair in few short and easy sessions.