Laser Hair Restoration

Laser Hair Restoration

Restoration of hair is combination of medical and surgical treatment for different forms of hair loss. Surgical as well as non surgical methods are used for the purpose of hair restoration and these processes actually help to counteract or slowing down the symptoms of hair loss. The surgical and non surgical methods are used separately or in combination for the proper treatment.

Laser hair restoration:

Restoration of hair is also done with the help of lasers. The lasers used for the purpose of hair restoration are quite different from the lasers used for laser therapy and laser treatment for hair loss. The lasers used for the purpose of restoration of hair are called cold lasers. These laser rays actually stimulate the blood circulation and at the same time enhance the flow of blood below the surface of the scalp and thus stimulates growth of new hair which are not only thicker but at the same time grow really quick.

How does it work?

The method of laser hair restoration varies accordingly with different professionals. As said earlier, the laser hair restoration treatment is done with cold laser; the professionals may perform the treatment in their office with the help of a laser device that fits to the scalp tightly. As the laser is cold, it causes no damage to the scalp and actually restores the damaged follicles of hair. Some professionals prescribe home programmes and in that case the patient is given a cold laser comb with proper instructions about the using. There are some professionals who perform the treatment by using both the methods and in such cases the results seem to be more positive.

Is it the only available treatment?

In most of the cases laser hair restoration give best results when other treatments like medicines are carried on simultaneously. It is not necessary that this treatment will give the desired results for all the patients. It is very much safe and has been approved by FDA. There are people who are very much successful in fighting hair loss with the help of laser hair restoration.

Can every one use this treatment?

Laser hair restoration treatment need to be done by a professional, either in the physician’s office or at home with proper guidance. The amount of laser to be used and the duration of the treatment must be supervised by a professional. Laser hair restoration is beneficial for both men and women. This treatment is quite expensive and thus it is suggested to go through proper medical evaluation before the treatment is started. This will help to find out the root cause of hair loss and will thus become easy to determine the dosage and duration of the treatment.