Stop Hair Loss

Methods to tackle hair loss

Fed up of spools of hair constantly tormenting your sleep, here are some time tested ways to prevent hair loss:

Smoother the road, better the drive: If you are one of those people with corporate jobs which demand uptight hairstyles involving tight cornrows or braids, then its time your hair too gets the weekend off and some time to breathe and recover from the excessive friction caused by these hairstyles. These friction causing hairstyles lead to a hair loss condition called Traction Alopecia.

Use chemicals cautiously: Beware that having the hairstyle advertised by the models on the television and movies may not only involve lot of money but also damaging treatments to your hair like straightening, dyeing, or perming. These treatments may shine and sizzle your hair for now, but they may severely damage your hair in the long run.

Breathe: In today’s mechanical world, the root cause for most of the problems is stress and hair definitely haven’t been spared. By regularly following simple exercises like yoga and meditation, you can destress your body and fight the stress-related hair loss.

4. Hair Growth Laser Comb- And last but not in the very least, you now have the latest technology for preventing and treating hair loss at your disposal. These combs use low power lasers to successfully cause hair growth in no time and are more affordable than any other products in the market which claim to give similar results.