First, I couldn’t find another product on the internet that you sit under in your home. Combs, which have to be a drag to use, and professional clinics where you sit under a lamp were plentiful, but nothing like your for-home-use laser light. Are there no others like yours?
I started using your lamp in April, 2007. After around six months, I saw a slight improvement, and after a year, I decided it was as good as it was going to get, which was definitely an improvement, but my hair still showed some pink when I focused a mirror on top of my head and looked into a wall mirror. But miraculously, around March of 2009, I realized that my hair had continued to grow and was now thick enough that NO PINK SCALP SHOWED AT ALL! I still marvel at my hair, and so do my friends and family.
I am very faithful about using the light. I have one in Michigan and one in California, where I have a second home. My daughter uses it, too, three times a week and her hair is dramatically better.
– Ann B
Hello I just wanted to say that I am very pleased with this product and that it has gone beyond my expectations.”
– R.Johnson Loiusville KY
“Great product! Much better than I expected! ”
– L.O. Kansas City
“I have been using your Hair Growth Laser for two months now and the results have been wonderful! Thank you and keep up the great work!”
– Paul Casida Hollywood CA
“I have found this product to be very easy to use and so far the results have been great!”
– Casy Sands NYC
“I am seeing wonderful results with my hair growth laser!”
– H. Harris. Chicago
“I was going to email you yesterday to tell you after just two treatment sessions with the laser… my hair stopped falling out!

I had been so scared to wash my hair and 2 days had went by and I thought I would see so much hair and I didn’t! Then today I did a treatment in morning and another day of just a few strands I normally would see before this hair loss started 1.5 years ago…usually I run my fingers through my hair and pull several pieces but it has stopped! I don’t know if it is a coincidence… I know you said there would be more shedding and may not stop for awhile…and I am not taking any drugs or herbs for hair loss…so I started taking before photos and it will be interesting to see what happens! I feel confident that I will get some re-growth!”
– Lori Anderson

“I cant believe how much this has worked for me! This is the best laser deal on the market bar none!”
– Tom L. Buffalo
“This is getting great results with my hair. Its only been a few weeks and I am seeing fine hairs coming in already.”
– John T.
“Hi , I want to buy one of these lasers for all the women in my family! Female hair loss is so much harder to handle than male yet your laser has done wonders for my hair.”
– Janet W. Boston MA
“It’s been six weeks and my hair is looking great. All the loss has stopped and I am seeing great results!
“Thank you – it’s a great product!”
– Tom Yale NYC
“I am extremely happy with the product. My hair has thickened up a lot.
– Stacy Fotos
With every hair cut it looks better. Here’s the best part…during the sixth month I started seeing regrowth. I also incorporated scalp peels during that month. I use the Hair Growth Laser every other day for forty five minutes. I might be using it too long but with the results I’m getting I’ll stick with the current exposure time. I still have a long way to go but I’m hoping by this time next year I will have regained 7-10 years of hair loss. Call me a fool but I think it can be done.”
– Lucy Silvestri
“Finally I no longer feel badly about my hair since using your product. It has been over a year since I began using your product and I can still feel the stubble feeling when I run my hand through my hair, so I know it is still doing it’s job. I decided to have continued to use it with it Rogaine just in case it gives it extra help however Rogaine alone never really worked so I am not sure if it is really helping but I do know that not only has my hair re grown but it is much healthier now.

Having been pregnant before and experiencing thicker hair, yet only to have lost it 4 months post partum , I knew that it was possible to have more hair. Having tried may things to prevent hair loss and thicken my hair; this is the only thing that has worked for me other than pregnancy Not only do I notice the difference but others notice it as well… and all ended up purchasing a unit. I have sold enough of these units for you I think I should join your sales staff .”

Thank you.

“I am what you call a cosmetic junkie. I will try anything if it is going to make me look younger, feel younger and have more beautiful hair. Some things have worked, while others have just been a marketing scam. All my life I have struggled with having the “perfect hair day” only to rarely have that day. Having accepted the fact that I was never really going to have thick hair, it wasn’t until I became pregnant that I finally had the hair that I had only dreamed of….however three children later and no more being pregnant I was back to my same old thin hair. Then several years ago I worked in an office and next store to me was a professional laser hair salon that promoted “stop hair loss, regrow your hair and get thicker hair”…. Six months and $3000 bucks later I finally had fuller, healthier hair. Because it took several months for the new hair growth to come in I didn’t really notice the results until I seen friends that hadn’t seen me for while and they all commented on how good my hair looked. They said how much thicker and healthier it was and asked what I was doing to my hair, it was then that I knew that hair laser treatment was working. Well about 6 months later after my treatments ended I moved from the office next door to the laser hair salon, and never went back to another laser hair treatment again. This was the beginning of the end of my new thicker, healthier, fuller hair. Slowly I began to see my hair fall out again and the thinning began all over. I knew the laser hair treatment worked but I did not want to spend another $3000 a year on treatment so that is when I began to research at home hair lasers. Having researched and compared various products out there, it was this at home unit that was the most convenient, cost effective and with the most amount of lasers. Well I am happy to say…the laser hair treatment worked again! My hair has stopped thinning, regrown, become healthier and thicker, all at a fraction of the price and in the comfort of my own home. Not only is this laser totally affordable compared to the professional services I payed for but I can continue to use it for years to come with no additional costs. What a bargain.. Definitely not a marketing scam.”

Thank you so much….I tell anyone I know in need of preventing hair loss and helping to regrow their own hair.

Huntington Beach, Ca

“I purchased one of your laser units and I like it very much! It has worked so much better than I ever expected, I just wanted to share my thoughts with you.”


“I just wanted to let you know that I have been using your product for about six months now and I am delighted with the results. Female hair loss is so hard to deal with and your laser has done wonders for my hair”


“This is a great hair laser product and it has worked so well with my hair!”


” I have had my hair loss stop and have seen regrowth in the back and in the hairline. I haven’t had anymore “bald” comments. I have more confidence when I go out and I no longer wear hats all the time.

-Dale, San Antonio

“This product really helps my hair look fuller just after only a few uses”


“Been using the product for one month. Already noticing some hair regrowth. Awesome product!”


“It really works…BIG TIME. I have been using it for almost a year and cannot believe the results. I was going to purchase form a competitor but saw that yours was not only hands free but covers more area with more lasers.”


Shortly after my 55th birthday I began to notice my hair was thinning in the back. After a short period of denial I decided to do something about it. I settled on the laser approach. I spent over $3,000 for a year at a Hair Laser Salon and my hair was restored. I did not want to continue spending $3000 or more per year so I purchased the Hair Laser for maintenance.

I use it 2X a week for 30 minutes and have been able to maintain and even improve my hair coverage. The best part is I can do it all at home.”

-Rodney, Los Angeles

“Results have been great. My hair looks brighter, more healthy and stronger. It makes me happy to see my hair coming back in. My family has commented they they have seen a difference”.

Victor, Mexico City, Mexico

“I bought your laser about a year ago and I am completely satisfied with it. I originally used it on and off only to discover that it certainly helps so I have finally continued to use it on a regular bases”.

B Sahin

“My hair loss has stopped and I can see my overall hair density increasing. It has taken several months to see the any significant results but overall I am satisfied with what I am experiencing”.

Alan, Montreal Canada

” I bought a hand held laser comb and used it several times and that was it. My arm became so tired I quit using it, it’s been sitting in my bathroom for ever since. Thank you for your hands free unit with so many more lasers.