What to expect

Hair Growth Laser- Results you can watch and cherish

The beloved children’s story “Hare and the tortoise” teaches you a very valuable lesson. Slow and steady wins the race. You have braved through the first step of investing on your very own Hair Growth Laser. Now that you are diligently using it, you are expecting some beautiful results. And sure enough, you will see them soon. Like any endeavour, this too will have to first run its course to take you to your destination, in this case a head full of thick and healthy hair. Although most of the times, the results are seen much sooner, it can take up to 4 months to catch up with them. But I am sure you will take this wait any day to the daily stress of losing your precious hair.

Let’s talk about the changes that you will notice every month so you are always informed and aware of what’s happening.

Month One: Every hair follows a growth cycle of 4 stages. This is when the hair follicle is still active and functioning. The last of these stages is falling off of the hair. So during the first month, if your hair is falling off, despite the alarming scene, this is in fact a good sign. This only means the hair follicles are very much active, they are just getting rid of thin unhealthy hair to replace them with new gorgeous ones. So sit tight and be patient.

Month Two: Although there will be some shedding in this stage too, by the middle of this month the magic of new hair starting to emerge out of your scalp will finally unfold in front of your eyes.

Month three: By this time, most of the shedding season and now is the time to watch the thicker stronger hair which will grow only better with each passing day.

Month four: By this time not only will you see significant amount of new hair, but they will be thicker, shinier and stronger than ever.

Months five and later: The days only get better from here on. You have managed to turn your hair’s personality a complete 360 degrees. And that too, sitting at home, at your own time and pace, and without spending anything extra than it actually deserves. Congratulations on a beautiful tomorrow.

For all the people out there who are wondering when would it be the right time to get this wonderful gadget into your home, the answer to that is as soon as you see your hair thinning. You may argue that this is for regrowing the hair, so why should you make this investment till the hair actually falls off. The reason is the dying hair follicle goes through several stages and the once the damage reaches the irreparable stage, the only way to get the hair is transplants. Why wait till then when you can save your own hair? So watch out for all the signs of hair thinning and act as soon as possible.